Time to Give a Headshot Photographer Reading a Visit

headshot photographer ReadingYou need to renew your headshot pictures after a certain amount of time. If you need to use it again, don’t go rummage for a picture of yourself you took 6 years ago. Don’t give that person who never saw you a ‘surprise’ on your appearance. If you think your picture doesn’t represent you today, go hire a headshot photographer Reading.

Here are some specific reasons why you need to take a new headshot picture and how that’s going to affect the person that sees it.


Have you had a face surgery after your last headshot photography session? After every surgery that affects the appearance of your face means that you need to get a headshot picture again. It can be as simple as getting your braces taken off after a one-year treatment.

You can also check the differences by comparing with your headshot picture.


How different is your hairstyle to be compared? If it’s only a longer ponytail, maybe taking a new headshot is not necessary depending on your line of work. But if you cut your hair short or have grown your hair comparably longer than what you show on the picture, it’s time to get a new picture taken. For guys, the hairstyle can also refer to your facial hair.

You want to appear neat in your photography session, so you shaved. When you come to attend an interview session, make sure to shave as well. If you let your beard grow for the picture, maintain that during your interview or audition.

But if you’re not sure how is better, you can consult with your headshot photographer Reading. A professional like The Headshot Studio can give you useful inputs. Should you change your hairstyle drastically during the session? How do you maintain your look?

You’ve grown up

You are probably relying on the pictures that you had during your high school years. Now, you’ve grown up and you look very much different from how you were. This is an obvious reason for you to get a new headshot picture as you cannot submit a childish picture of yourself on your application! You can’t also use that on your LinkedIn profile.

Especially, you might have looked different from since then. While there are people who remain to look the same for years.

Non-professional work

If you have been using pictures that you took yourself (or with the help of someone non-professional as well), time to change that. Go book a session with a professional headshot photographer Reading, now. The difference between the quality of the picture that you use is real.

Someone who knows how to best smile, pose and show your confidence in front of a camera can help you better. He knows why your picture didn’t look good, he has the equipment to keep your face looks fresh and he also knows to direct you. After that, he can even edit the pictures to remove the blemishes and keep your look like the best you. No excessive editing, no slightly tanned you. Just the better, perfect you!