3 Things About Wedding Album You Didn’t Know

female wedding photographerHaving the physical pictures is different from looking at them through your computer. It’s also the reason why after so many decades of computer advancement, books and papers still reign. For the next couple of decades and probably century, this ancient source of reading will remain for a long time.

That’s also why you probably never realized why a wedding album is worth getting from your female wedding photographer. It’s not just about the results of the pictures, but also how you keep them for the long years ahead.

A lot of print choices

An album is not the only choice of print you have. You can also print wedding books, which costs significantly lower. However, there are also drawbacks that come with it. Aside from that, your photographer also probably includes huge prints on canvas and framed to be hung above your bed or in the living room.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, wedding books are different from wedding album. The choices of paper, assembling method and materials used for the book cover differ a lot.

Wedding albums are better than books

Wedding albums are usually made with leather cover and the binding is done separately with each paper. Pictures are printed on only one side of the paper; that’s why you’ll see that each ‘layer’ you flip is actually two pieces of it glued together. This ensure the paper will last longer and you will also enjoy them better as it doesn’t overlap with the pictures behind it.

If you look at the pictures taken by a female wedding photographer from www.joannebphotography.co.uk, imagine all those vibrant colors printed on a flimsy paper. It will tear in no time! A wedding album usually make use of high-quality photo paper or, if you care to spend more, fine art paper. These papers are thick and durable, ensuring the colors of your vibrant wedding party live for the decades to come.

The paper used in wedding books are usually cheaper and tears easier. It makes use of both sides of the paper and the binding often doesn’t open for 180 degrees. This means you can’t enjoy pictures that are printed on both sides.

For the cover, your wedding album’s finishing touch can be done with a hardcover of your own picture or an elegant leather cover. Either way, you’ll end up with a cover that will also protect your pictures and give a beautiful finishing to it. Wedding books usually make use of leatherette, hardcover or softcover which can also use your own pictures on them.

The price

A wedding album can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. It can truly differ based on how many pictures you want it, how many pages is used, the kind of paper you want and the structure of the album. But all in all, a wedding album can last for as long as you live and even beyond that.

A female wedding photographer will suggest you an album first, but if you need an affordable choice, a wedding book is the choice. It can cost less than $100 and you usually have more pictures in it. However, it’s not the type that lasts a lifetime.

Tips for Selecting Hertfordshire based Wedding Photographers

Hertfordshire based wedding photographersWhat every couple wants on their wedding day is a wedding photographer that can capture the essence of what makes that day special. Having hired one of the local Hertfordshire based wedding photographers; it is only rational that you expect pictures capturing you at your best as well as living up to your expectations. The following are tips for selecting wedding photographers regardless of location:

A wedding photographer of good repute must have a physical address.

When assessing your options for photographers, you must be able to determine if your shortlist comprises of Hertfordshire based wedding photographers or from other locations. This allows for you to be able to locate them when in need of them. It also provides a safe place for discussions. The presence of a building or a wedding photography studio goes a long way in building trust so if you find that your potential wedding photographer lacks a physical address (a postal box does not count) or refuses to provide information about one, then you have good reason not to trust them.

The best wedding photographers make sure there are no hitches

There are two individuals that will most likely play important roles on your wedding day; the wedding planner and the wedding photographer. If you are going for one of the Hertfordshire based wedding photographers, then you should expect for him or her to be acquainted with the culture of the area. A good wedding photographer would ensure that they solve all problems that might affect the smoothness of the wedding shots. Flexibility and ability to thrive in tense situations are needed characteristics of wedding photographers so look out for this.

Your wedding photographer must place emphasis on you

Whose wedding day is it? Yours! Therefore, it is expected that everything that has to do with the wedding photography must center round your activities and actions for the day. Meeting your photographer for the first time should be a test on how they intend to place the focus on you. You can determine this by paying attention to how interested they seem in knowing you and finding out your wants. The best way to get a good fit is by spending time with the photographers.

Wedding photographer must be smart

The only way you can get the results you need on your wedding day is by employing the right people to make sure all areas are covered. For instance, your wedding photography is not only there to take random images of you on your special day but he or she should be able to provide insight where needed. They should be knowledgeable about certain things and willing to offer help when you need them. Things like how to set up your wedding shoot or when to schedule the final shoot help make the planning of your day easier. Clothing, location and props are all things that your photographer can help you with so make sure you get one that is big on planning.

How Should A Wedding Photographer Conduct Himself?

Dress appropriatelywedding photographer

A wedding photographer always makes sure he dresses appropriately. You should be someone who will be able to dress the part. This is actually not a thing to do if you just go through the motions of really looking into what wedding style it is. If the dress code requires something that is black tie, then that should be something you need to do. If it is something far more casual like a beach wedding, then you should dress the part as well. It is something as easy as just asking the clients what type of wedding it is and what kind of dress code is required and that should be it. It’s not rocket science and it is not that hard to figure out for as long as you exert the extra effort.

Visit wedding venue

A wedding photographer should always visit the wedding venue a few days before the actual event. Visiting the wedding venue will give the photographer a bunch of advantages that he would not have had the luxury of getting if he does not go through the extra hassle of actually checking out the wedding venue well ahead of time. Try to visit the place at about the same time that the event will be held in. this is to make sure that you are better acquainted with the way the light and the shadows fall across. You will have a better idea about where and how to pose the people you would like to take photos of if you are more familiar with the place. Take some practice shots and see how it works out.

Care for gear

A wedding photographer should always take extra care of his gear and should smartly backup all of his images. Your gear is your primary means to make a living. You should really commit on how you will be able to take care of everything. You need to make sure that you are able to routinely clean your cameras and your lenses and store them accordingly whenever they are not in use.


A wedding photographer should also know how to grow his business through networking. Networking is the life blood of client acquisition. Every wedding photographer worth his salt knows this. Get into the habit of really talking to people (even strangers) and introducing yourself and talk about your business. Establish nice working relationships with the fellow wedding professionals you work with. Give out business cards and always know the value of a strategic follow up.

Manage crowds

A wedding photographer dundee should not be overbearing with his presence but should still be able to manage crowds accordingly and effectively if needs be. Really make it your business to sort of be invisible during the wedding event. Try to minimize the use of flash if you can have enough natural light that is readily available so as not to disturb or distract people too much. Invest in a great telephoto lens so that you can position yourself from a comfortable distance but still be able to take close-up photos of people so you don’t end up obstructing the view or getting in people’s ways.

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsThey’ve been there and done that

They know the ropes. You need to have someone who really knows what they’re doing. You can’t entrust the most important day of your life and your partner’s life to an amateur. A seasoned professional wedding photographer has covered wedding after wedding and has pretty much seen it all. He will almost always come prepared and know exactly what to expect during the events. He knows all the possible slip ups that might happen because chances are, he has gone through that and has learned some valuable lessons in the past. You can also be rest assured that you are getting someone who is calm and collected and won’t end up jittery and all over the place when things don’t go as well as planned.

They know how to pose you

Photos for wedding events are extremely important in such a way that they will immortalize you during that special day. Getting the aid of a professional wedding photographer, you are guaranteed to be posed the right way. You can be rest assured with the fact that they will know what your best angles are and they will be more than happy to coach you some instructions in order for you to come out looking great in the photos. This is the kind of luxury you do not get to enjoy with someone who is only starting out in the craft.

You are always guaranteed high quality and professionally touched up photos

Wedding photographers know how to manipulate the photos they take and even know how to fix those images that might not look so hot in the raw files. It’s part of their training. It’s part of their code. A veteran Nottingham wedding photographer will usually be able to touch his photos up with eyes half closed. You are guaranteed to have your photos looking glossy and crisp as ever.

They are contractually bound to deliver what they promised you

Getting a professional wedding photographer means that they are bound to you legally. They cannot just bail out of an agreement because they “don’t feel like it” or just because “something came up”, which may be some excuses you are risking yourself to hear if you only call in a favor from a friend to cover your wedding. They will cover your wedding come hell or high water.

They have fast turnaround times

You get your products delivered to you with lightning speed. Some of the really skilled ones can even offer you a same day edit presentation which would be really cool to show off during a reception.

They have great crowd control skills

You will not get embarrassed with guests complaining that he is rude and bossy. The really seasoned professionals out there are usually pretty stealthy and usually go through the wedding coverage without causing so much of a stir and without having their presence stand out too much.

They got you covered when it comes to all the expensive and high end photography equipment

Lastly, high quality cameras are worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and are just not something worth buying if you’re only planning to use it for that event alone. Getting a professional wedding photographer will mean that he will have to worry about that.

The Best Ways in Learning Wedding Photography

wedding photographyPhotography is one of the up and coming professions out there. Seriously and absolutely no joke, you can make serious money out of photography and as a business in the first place. One of the most lucrative niches in professional photography would have to be wedding photography. That’s why learning wedding photography is something that can really bring you to break through and get to really do this full time and as a profession; that this can be your bread and butter and not just some gig that you basically do on the side.

Take cues from professionals

If this is something that you would like to tackle, then you’re probably a newbie in the world of photography and you’d like to make some sort of living out of it. It is always good sense to take your cues from the professionals. Professionals who have actually made it in the business make a good business model that you can sort of mimic and tweak every now and then all throughout the process of you making your own. Remember, there is no cut and dried formula for making a business out of learning wedding photography; but there are a few fundamentals that almost always work and these are common denominators that a lot of professional wedding photographers like this wedding photographer Nottingham can vouch for since these seemed to work for them:

Create a blog

Create your blog and be diligent in maintaining it. Sure, there will be days wherein you are feeling lazy but the good part in this is that this is not something that you would have to do every day. You can put in entries maybe once to thrice a week and that should be good enough. This is just to have your subscribers always looking out for your next post. Also, try to come up with a schedule. Like, post every Wednesday at 8 in the evening, for example. A rigidly structured schedule like this will keep your subscribers titillated and always excited to see what you will be posting next.

Do not be afraid to talk to strangers

So you’re at a bridal shop and you’re dropping off a few flyers and business cards so would-be brides and grooms can snatch them up when they make a trip for their fittings and you chance upon a couple walking in or a bride with her girl friends; what do you do? Walking up to strangers and making your pitches should be something that you should not shy away from because the most unlikely of clients book you when you are candid, easy going, and more importantly, confident enough in the product and the services that you would like to deliver to them and for them both in their engagement shoots and wedding day.

Give credit

Make sure that you are able to give credit where credit is due. It is always a professional practice to give a shout out to other colleagues that you get to work within a certain industry in joint projects such as weddings. It’s not just you, after all. There are events planners, florists, and caterers who all work together to bring the wedding together and so that you will have enough materials to actually put in your photos. If you do not hesitate to scratch their backs, they will not hesitate to return the favor and do the same for you.

Easy Ways for Getting Started as a Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsA very lucrative way to make money, especially in a large urban area, is to offer your services as a wedding photographer. There are several things that you will need in order to get started including the proper equipment, and it also helps to have some experience in this industry. If you have been working for another wedding photographer cheshire, or if you are simply an amateur photographer that would like to try your hand at this type of business, here are the steps you need to take to get your business started.

What You Will Need to Start

The first thing that you will need to do is have an assortment of different cameras, those that use regular film and digital products. You need to also be able to take video which can be easily transferred onto your computer, allowing you to not only provide this on a DVD, but uploaded to the web. There are new ideas that you could use to promote your business including the use of drones that can take aerial shots of the wedding, as well as flyovers which can also be provided in your video package. Most important of all, you need to have some experience in this industry, allowing you to provide a portfolio of previous photos and videos that you have done, even if you have never done a wedding before.

Additional Assets You Need To Have To Succeed

Any business that you start should have a game plan, and exact marketing plan so that you can showcase your business and bring in as many people as possible. This will include creating a website, professional header graphics, and a logo, so that you can begin to brand your business. You need to upload your portfolio to the web, and also create videos on a YouTube channel, allowing people to see what type of work you are able to do. Finally, you need to have the basics such as a business license, insurance, and a bank account where you can receive payments for the jobs that you will do.

Setting Your Business Up Right

Once all of this is set up, you should have no problem at all advertising and getting people to try you out. You should look at what your competitors are charging and the different packages that they offer. You could offer special discounts for first-time customers or discounts in general if you are trying to generate some initial clients that can the feedback in the form of testimonials that can help you market your business.

Although being a wedding photographer may not be the most glamorous type of business, you will get a significant amount of clientele in larger cities. Some people have actually done quite well in rural communities, primarily because there may not be that many people that offer these types of services. Once you have everything set up, and you start to get consistent business, your portfolio will grow quite quickly. The more testimonials that you have, and the more diverse your portfolio is, it will lead to having a very successful wedding photography business.

Crash Course in Learning Wedding Photography

wedding photographyThe wedding day is probably one of the most important days of anyone’s life. There is a huge deal of planning and expense (as well as emotions) that go towards the process of planning for any kind of wedding – big or small. That is why it is such a huge responsibility and at the same time honor for you to be able to cover such a beloved event. If you’re a photographer who’s still more or less trying to find your way in learning wedding photography, then this is for you.

For starters, you are quite wise to try to wriggle into this particular niche. Wedding photography is a booming market for photographers. Also, there is no modest way to say this, but it is also one of the highest paid styles of photography in this current day and trend. To help you out, we came up with a basic crash course article to help give you that boost in starting out with wedding photography. There is no black and white with learning but we at least aim to be able to provide you with some sort of macro view of what the most important things are. Expectation management is key to a successful endeavor, after all.

Little room for error

For starters, learning wedding photography is daunting in that thought alone. You are being given very limited time, a little too many people and moments to document, and well, suffice it to say, there’s really very little room for error when it all comes down to it. Error should be at the very bottom of your list because then it would mean that you would be ruining someone’s special day – that in itself should horrify you, whether you are being paid to cover the event or not.

Work as an assistant

The best way to start off learning wedding photography would be for you to offer to assist an actual professional photographer. Consider it as an on the job training. You can be paid for it or not – but you really can’t be that choosy especially if you are particularly looking forward to the education and the experience. Learning the techniques and work ethics of this professional wedding photographer gloucestershire for it will help you be able to come up with your own and minimize any sort of errors which are a no-no in the wedding photography industry.

Check your gear

Get your gear in check. Make sure that you have a clean gear, that they are all working, and that you have tested them pre shoot. It is also absolutely fundamental that you start off with two cameras or more. Ideally, if you’re just beginning, you can build on from a base of having one camera with a telephoto lens and another one with a wide angle lens. The idea here is that it is far faster to switch in between cameras than it is to switch in between lenses.

Have backup

Make sure you have backup. If you are indeed planning on doing this professionally, you should go about it the way professionals do. Make sure that you have a backup for everything. Make sure that you have a backup secondary gear. Make sure that you have extra batteries and memory cards for when they run out, you run out of options for covering the event. And we go back to the imperative aspect of you having very little to no room set aside for error since this is a milestone and life changing event for the clients who hired you.

Lastly, don’t go alone. Always have someone assist you. Consider it as a support system of sorts.