SEO for Photographers: 6 Things You Should Know

SEO for photographersTaking care of a site is not easy and it’s especially so when it’s not something you are good at. SEO for photographers is just like every other SEO; you need to learn about them and be constantly updated about it. Or you will be left behind while every other site’s ranking sits on top of you.

There are 6 things about SEO you need to know and if you are getting a professional host to do it, you can crosscheck with this list to see that they are doing everything necessary.

Now, to the first important item which is regular software update.

We assume that you will have your site set up using the WordPress platform. It’s the most popular platform out there and is very easy to use and navigate. Not to mention the range of tutorials you can get on designing and what plugins to install. Your host provider must constantly update the plugins to the latest version.

It’s very tedious, but important if you want the site running. And with that, the host must obviously update the WordPress version as well.

Next is to figure out how to rank yourself high.

One way to do that is to know the keyword that your site ranks highest with. After knowing that, you want your homepage and every other page to contain that particular keyword. But it is not the same with stuffing them into the pages in hopes that will boost your site’s ranking.

If you are not sure what are the best keywords on SEO for photographers, you can sure check out This site has some great guides specific on types of plugins and how to create creative content as well as a free audit!

One of the most important parts of owning a photography site is to have a gallery.

And it shouldn’t just be a page with pictures just uploaded like that, but a good, functional gallery that is easy to navigate through. It means the pictures should not be making it hard to scroll through the page and pictures are arranged in an attractive way.

Aside from that, pictures optimization is also important if you don’t want every visitor leaving while the pictures load midway. Do you need to have every one of them to finish loading before anyone can use the site? The best way to make a page that is cramped with pictures easy to use is to have thumbnails instead of the original size previewed. It will only load when the thumbnails are clicked.

Another way to utilize SEO for photographers is to have pictures only load when the screen reaches that part. This will ease the page scrolling.

Not every photographer has a blog. That is because many do not know what to say about their job and if it’s worth talking about them to visitors who will only use their services one and leave afterward. But many actually refer to blogs for most recent works of yours! They are also your best bet in increasing keywords relevancy to your site.

Business Aspect of Photography: SEO

SEO for photographersWhat are other important aspects of setting up a photography business aside from photography itself? That’d be the marketing plan for both online and offline media. The online media is the easier, but also trickier place to market yourself. SEO for photographers may not come as easy due to the fact that you want to attract people with your pictures, not your words.

Still words

And as much as you think that posting beautiful and high-quality pictures as important, using the right taglines and alt text is still more important. Above all, clients always look for what they want through typing the words. Google will then try to generate results that will solve the problem clients input.

For example, if they need to find a good wedding photographer from London, they’ll be typing so. You’re required to have pictures as well as the content of your website to bear the words ‘wedding photographer London’ as many times as possible. You still end up having to use the right keywords that are related to your pictures, so people are more likely to find you online.

Naming media files

That’s right, pictures also need names and they better be not JPG1234.jpg. Name it according to the place, venue, or other related words that highlight the picture. Think how people can come across these pictures and what would you think if you see them. Don’t use too long of a title as Google also won’t take that in their calculation.

Updating oneself

Another thing about SEO for photographers is that the algorithm changes over time. You will need to remain informed of the latest one to update your content accordingly. One place where you can receive constant lessons and updates would be You can even get help with how to manage your site’s SEO in a better way.

Updating can also refer to updating your site’s status. From time to time, new content has to be added to keep the site running. Google will only think that your site is active if you keep updating something new. They will only show results that are popular and of the latest update. Whenever you add new content, stick to the keywords you’ve been using and make sure they are not abused.

Refrain from black hat technique

Black hat SEO refers to using the keywords abusively and aggressively throughout the site. It can mean hiding repeated keywords outside the visible page, putting them as background, or even using famous keywords that are trending but not related to the shown content.

It might get you somewhere in the short-term, but with Google’s, you won’t get anywhere as you’ll be banned temporarily or permanently. If people click on your link but leaves promptly and never return, these are also bad signs and will affect the site negatively.

Leaving contact information

The most important part of having a site is so that people can find you and contact you. Which is why this is the most obvious thing in SEO for photographers. Your purpose isn’t to get as many people to visit, but to make leads out of those visits. Make it simple and easy for them to leave you a line or to email you. Put up all your social media links.

How To Figure Out SEO for Photographers

photography SEOIf there is one thing that photographers who are just starting out tend to have an issue with, it would have to be the aspect of getting through with SEO for photographers in particular and this is the type of thing that you ought to do something about when it all comes down to it. The thing about search engine optimization is the fact that it isn’t exactly the type of thing that people are all that familiar with and you ought to go out of your way to make sure that you will be able to do something about this at the end of the day. If you are starting out with your career in photography, there is no reason why you need to go ahead and fret over this or about this. There are so many things that you can learn somewhere along the way and this is something that you can figure out the right way for as long as you have the right things in perspective when it all comes down to it.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the type of thing that can really bring your marketing strategy to a whole new level because of the fact that it gives out all of the right info to your targeted market niche. This means that you will be able to really double over your possibility of drumming up some business at some point or so. It can really give you all of the benefits as a burgeoning entrepreneur. SEO for photographers has been helping photographers from all over the world and this is something that you can make use of as well for your own career when it all comes down to it.

First step is for you to understand what SEO is all about in the first place.

In order for you to be able to properly do that, what you can do is to try to see how websites technically look like to search engines. If you have been getting into code and all that, then this is fairly easy language for you to understand but if you are totally new to something like this, then you are going to need a little bit of help. Luckily for you, there are a lot of tools that can more or less help you see how these search engines would normally view websites in general. You can quickly google different browser extensions that will allow you to do just that. This is your first step in being able to understand everything that you know about when it all comes down to it. SEO for photographers isn’t all that hard to figure out when you have had a little bit of help at some point or so.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a little help.

Experts in search engine optimization such as can walk you through on anything and everything that you could possibly need. It is a kind of investment that is worth checking out at the end of the day.