SEO for Photographers: 6 Things You Should Know

SEO for photographersTaking care of a site is not easy and it’s especially so when it’s not something you are good at. SEO for photographers is just like every other SEO; you need to learn about them and be constantly updated about it. Or you will be left behind while every other site’s ranking sits on top of you.

There are 6 things about SEO you need to know and if you are getting a professional host to do it, you can crosscheck with this list to see that they are doing everything necessary.

Now, to the first important item which is regular software update.

We assume that you will have your site set up using the WordPress platform. It’s the most popular platform out there and is very easy to use and navigate. Not to mention the range of tutorials you can get on designing and what plugins to install. Your host provider must constantly update the plugins to the latest version.

It’s very tedious, but important if you want the site running. And with that, the host must obviously update the WordPress version as well.

Next is to figure out how to rank yourself high.

One way to do that is to know the keyword that your site ranks highest with. After knowing that, you want your homepage and every other page to contain that particular keyword. But it is not the same with stuffing them into the pages in hopes that will boost your site’s ranking.

If you are not sure what are the best keywords on SEO for photographers, you can sure check out This site has some great guides specific on types of plugins and how to create creative content as well as a free audit!

One of the most important parts of owning a photography site is to have a gallery.

And it shouldn’t just be a page with pictures just uploaded like that, but a good, functional gallery that is easy to navigate through. It means the pictures should not be making it hard to scroll through the page and pictures are arranged in an attractive way.

Aside from that, pictures optimization is also important if you don’t want every visitor leaving while the pictures load midway. Do you need to have every one of them to finish loading before anyone can use the site? The best way to make a page that is cramped with pictures easy to use is to have thumbnails instead of the original size previewed. It will only load when the thumbnails are clicked.

Another way to utilize SEO for photographers is to have pictures only load when the screen reaches that part. This will ease the page scrolling.

Not every photographer has a blog. That is because many do not know what to say about their job and if it’s worth talking about them to visitors who will only use their services one and leave afterward. But many actually refer to blogs for most recent works of yours! They are also your best bet in increasing keywords relevancy to your site.