Newborn Photography: 3 Important Dos

Calgary newborn photographyIt’s not impossible to become a newborn photographer without doing all these important things. But we can assure you that if you implement these 4 things in your photography, you’ll see improvements in yourself and your business! At least, a professional Calgary newborn photography would have all these 4 things done by the photographer.

Friendly and flexible

A newborn photographer knows better that mothers can never predict when they will exactly have their babies. Nor can they control how they seem to be on edge at times, having to carry their baby 24/7 and experience all those discomforts. You know exactly what your clients are people like this. The next step is to act after knowing these facts.

Sure, it’s no reason to be such an annoying person when you’re pregnant, but if you can ease their discomfort, it’ll give you a plus point. You can do that by giving mothers extra attention. It can be as simple as serving them drinks or preparing a special seat that is more comfortable for pregnant women. We all want the conversation to be enjoyable and this is one way to do it.

You also need to realize that you cannot be too strict to mothers whose delivery date miss by more than a week. You cannot give them that much flexibility because you’ll be jeopardizing others’ schedule. But can you think of something for those with this case to still enjoy newborn photography by you?

Improvise and brainstorm

Look at the newborn pictures that you took. How many poses or ideas do you use repeatedly? It’s normal to run out of ideas for Calgary newborn photography. You can look for inspiration from other photographers, like

It’s also important to be able to improvise because there are times when babies won’t be able to do the pose that you want. At that time, you may have to change to still get a somewhat similar shot of it. Without being able to come up with something new for each baby would produce similar pictures that parents probably won’t be happy with.

Select your props

While the Internet is full of shops selling cute and creative props for newborn photography, have you thought about whether they can be really used? Some of these were made with only visual quality thought, not the safety of the use of them. Especially because many online shops don’t have standards and some suppliers don’t have reputations.

Before buying those props, go through reviews and ratings of the seller. Price is also an important factor. It’s best that you don’t aim for props that are too cheap if they are props where you place babies in. If their purposes are for decorations only, you can choose whichever you want without worries. Don’t forget about the possibility of the materials causing allergic reactions.

We know photographers who never think about using new ideas for each baby. They use the same backdrops and blankets for the last 10 years. There are also those who never really think about whether the props are safe to be used and continue risking babies with it. We don’t want this to happen to your Calgary newborn photography.