How Should A Wedding Photographer Conduct Himself?

Dress appropriatelywedding photographer

A wedding photographer always makes sure he dresses appropriately. You should be someone who will be able to dress the part. This is actually not a thing to do if you just go through the motions of really looking into what wedding style it is. If the dress code requires something that is black tie, then that should be something you need to do. If it is something far more casual like a beach wedding, then you should dress the part as well. It is something as easy as just asking the clients what type of wedding it is and what kind of dress code is required and that should be it. It’s not rocket science and it is not that hard to figure out for as long as you exert the extra effort.

Visit wedding venue

A wedding photographer should always visit the wedding venue a few days before the actual event. Visiting the wedding venue will give the photographer a bunch of advantages that he would not have had the luxury of getting if he does not go through the extra hassle of actually checking out the wedding venue well ahead of time. Try to visit the place at about the same time that the event will be held in. this is to make sure that you are better acquainted with the way the light and the shadows fall across. You will have a better idea about where and how to pose the people you would like to take photos of if you are more familiar with the place. Take some practice shots and see how it works out.

Care for gear

A wedding photographer should always take extra care of his gear and should smartly backup all of his images. Your gear is your primary means to make a living. You should really commit on how you will be able to take care of everything. You need to make sure that you are able to routinely clean your cameras and your lenses and store them accordingly whenever they are not in use.


A wedding photographer should also know how to grow his business through networking. Networking is the life blood of client acquisition. Every wedding photographer worth his salt knows this. Get into the habit of really talking to people (even strangers) and introducing yourself and talk about your business. Establish nice working relationships with the fellow wedding professionals you work with. Give out business cards and always know the value of a strategic follow up.

Manage crowds

A wedding photographer dundee should not be overbearing with his presence but should still be able to manage crowds accordingly and effectively if needs be. Really make it your business to sort of be invisible during the wedding event. Try to minimize the use of flash if you can have enough natural light that is readily available so as not to disturb or distract people too much. Invest in a great telephoto lens so that you can position yourself from a comfortable distance but still be able to take close-up photos of people so you don’t end up obstructing the view or getting in people’s ways.

Getting Started In The Photography Business

photography businessWell before you start your wedding photography business, you need to address a few questions about its sustainability, the money making tendency and of course about how to make the best start to your career. It’s easy to feel let down by all these questions, but then you got to know how to balance the pros along with the cons and mend ways for yourself.

Choose specialization

You know it’s better if you already have a choice of specialization unless of course you decide to be an all rounder. It does not make any sense switching from one specialization area to another wasting both your time and efforts. Plus most of the times it becomes highly unmanageable. You need to have a definite plan in your mind. Decide upon your goals and targets and try to work consistently towards them to make successful inroads into the business.

Develop competency

Your aim should be to develop competency in most of the areas, at least, two-third of them. There are also many other options out there. Nature photography, pet photography and commercial photography apart from wedding photography hampshire are all potential career choices. Their uniqueness is attributed to the amount of pressure you can handle in pleasing your customers. Therefore, it is important for you to decide if you are a people’s person and if you have the ability and the skills for finishing off work at a given time.

Set your style

You must also have a particular style which is appreciable to the customers especially when you are involved or wedding photography. Ask yourself whether you want to keep it as reportage or formal or candid or maybe a mix of them .once you make a decision on the type of style you’ll pursue, pay attention to your business goals in photography and mind you don’t ignore your competition.


You need to figure out the market rates, the market size, and the necessary gears, but most importantly you require experience. Try to look for assistance if possible because it is a must for you and you can’t do anything without it. Take, for instance, the job of a wedding photographer. Without the necessary experience and confidence of approach, it is highly unlikely that you make early inroads into the business. Not to forget the technical expertise, people’s skills and whatever else is required for the job.

Work with a Professional

Usually, it is advisable to go for group wedding photography before you indulge in wedding sessions. An ideal situation would be to work with a professional and gain the necessary experience required for the job. You can even offer zero cost assistance in weddings working under pros. Another photography requires you to get familiar with exposure and lighting techniques. So maybe pet photography would be best to start with before wedding Photography.

As a beginner, your chief aim should be to work extra for the first customers. Say for a wedding, people will remember you, and automatically you would become the first person they would call on family occasions. Marketing like this pays rich dividends not only for work but also for your career.

Crash Course in Learning Wedding Photography

wedding photographyThe wedding day is probably one of the most important days of anyone’s life. There is a huge deal of planning and expense (as well as emotions) that go towards the process of planning for any kind of wedding – big or small. That is why it is such a huge responsibility and at the same time honor for you to be able to cover such a beloved event. If you’re a photographer who’s still more or less trying to find your way in learning wedding photography, then this is for you.

For starters, you are quite wise to try to wriggle into this particular niche. Wedding photography is a booming market for photographers. Also, there is no modest way to say this, but it is also one of the highest paid styles of photography in this current day and trend. To help you out, we came up with a basic crash course article to help give you that boost in starting out with wedding photography. There is no black and white with learning but we at least aim to be able to provide you with some sort of macro view of what the most important things are. Expectation management is key to a successful endeavor, after all.

Little room for error

For starters, learning wedding photography is daunting in that thought alone. You are being given very limited time, a little too many people and moments to document, and well, suffice it to say, there’s really very little room for error when it all comes down to it. Error should be at the very bottom of your list because then it would mean that you would be ruining someone’s special day – that in itself should horrify you, whether you are being paid to cover the event or not.

Work as an assistant

The best way to start off learning wedding photography would be for you to offer to assist an actual professional photographer. Consider it as an on the job training. You can be paid for it or not – but you really can’t be that choosy especially if you are particularly looking forward to the education and the experience. Learning the techniques and work ethics of this professional wedding photographer gloucestershire for it will help you be able to come up with your own and minimize any sort of errors which are a no-no in the wedding photography industry.

Check your gear

Get your gear in check. Make sure that you have a clean gear, that they are all working, and that you have tested them pre shoot. It is also absolutely fundamental that you start off with two cameras or more. Ideally, if you’re just beginning, you can build on from a base of having one camera with a telephoto lens and another one with a wide angle lens. The idea here is that it is far faster to switch in between cameras than it is to switch in between lenses.

Have backup

Make sure you have backup. If you are indeed planning on doing this professionally, you should go about it the way professionals do. Make sure that you have a backup for everything. Make sure that you have a backup secondary gear. Make sure that you have extra batteries and memory cards for when they run out, you run out of options for covering the event. And we go back to the imperative aspect of you having very little to no room set aside for error since this is a milestone and life changing event for the clients who hired you.

Lastly, don’t go alone. Always have someone assist you. Consider it as a support system of sorts.

A How-To Guide to Learning Wedding Photography


wedding photographyThe quest to learning wedding photography is a long yet exciting one. Suffice it to say, there is no clear cut way to learning it since it really is quite a different experience for different people. Wedding photographers in general, especially those who have just recently started to hone in on their craft will admit that there are still a lot of things to learn in the process. However, this is a basic path that every photographer takes as he or she ventures into the alluring and extremely lucrative world of wedding photography.

Cultivate your passion

If you’re already at this part of the article, chances are, you really are quite intent on learning wedding photography. What you need to understand is that the approach towards wedding photography actually takes up a lot of forms and the secret there is for you to find what interests you the most and convert it into a passion that will keep you inspired and will keep you working hard until you are able to yield considerable results – and income – on your wedding photography venture. Scout out other photographers who provide you with inspiration and subscribe to their blogs. It helps to keep the pipeline of creativity filled up.

Start off by assisting other professional wedding photographers

The thing with wedding photography is that it comes with loads of responsibility so diving into the waters head on with absolutely no experience under your belt would be extremely unwise. You have to remember that a couple is banking on the wedding photographer to completely deliver and to never miss a thing when it comes to covering the most important day of their lives so offering to assist a more established wedding photographer in one or more of his wedding day events will actually help you get your feet wet.

Work on your business plan

More than anything else, making sure that you are able to learn the business side of things is absolutely essential in making sure that this is a market that you will not only get to survive but thrive on as well. Fine tune your contract making skills and make sure that you are covered across all avenues. It’s good and well to be a really talented and artistic wedding photographer but only those who are business savvy actually get to reap the full rewards of getting into this niche market.

Research relentlessly and make sure you have all the right gear

Again, it just isn’t enough to have the charisma and the skills to go along with you in this particular kind of business venture. You have to make sure that you have all the right gear for it for you to be able to actually deliver memory-worthy shots for your clients. You need faster and sometimes longer lenses. You would also need to invest in a lot of memory cards, just enough for you to be able to cover the day without missing out on any shots. And most importantly, you need to make sure that you have backup gear as a failsafe for when things happen to your primary gear.