Wedding Photography Insurance: Introduction

wedding photographer HampshireInsurance has been gaining popularity for good reasons. More and more incidents are occurring and put photographers are a risk. As a wedding photographer Hampshire are you insured, yet?

The world is a scary place. You never know when someone has been eyeing your camera or if someone will get injured from tripping on your equipment. It’s full of coincidences and unfortunate things can happen to you. The cost that is incurred and not to mention how it’s going to be known to lots of people when uploaded online. Better start getting familiar with insurance, no?

Insure your belongings

Property insurance or business owner’s policy covers the loss and damages to your property that is related to the business. It’ll be a different thing if you lose your phone as that’s included as your private belonging. But cameras, lenses, memory cards, your computer and your studio can be included in the insurance.

The higher you pay, the more the company will cover. Even so, each company differs in the amount of premium you have to pay, so you have to do your own research. This insurance protects in the case your camera is stolen or if your studio is destroyed by a natural disaster. If you buy a new gear, you can notify the company to also have it included in the policy.

Insure your professionalism

There are people who might come to you saying that you didn’t do a great job as you promised. The problem with photography is that it can be pretty subjective for the court to decide. But most of the time, it can be related to the number of pictures, the editing process, or for being late in sending them the album. Unless you can keep your standard very high like as a wedding photographer Hampshire, you definitely want to get this one insurance.

However, there are also some people who just like to mess around. Professional Indemnity will help you when you have to defend yourself against the case. It will cover the legal fee and the penalty if you have to.

Clients and venues want it

Many clients and venues these days are also asking their photographers to carry insurance with them. Due to a lot of incidents and the bitter taste that’s left after it, some venues even don’t allow you to work at their place if you cannot provide a proof of insurance.

Clients are also eager to seek out safety first. While they don’t expect, they anticipate in the case that bad things do happen, at least you have the insurance to cover the fee and the matter can be quickly resolved.

Optional: one-day insurance

Getting a yearly insurance may prove to be a big thing to some people. If you only want to be insured when you work, you can get a one-day insurance as a wedding photographer Hampshire. This will help cover the majority of the costs that can be incurred if something does happen.

It’s the most suitable option if you’re still a beginner or has to be the photographer for a friend’s wedding and has yet decided to become a professional.