Top Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing Their Documentary Wedding Photographer

documentary wedding photographerThere have been instances where couples lament on the outcome of their wedding pictures. Most of them wish they could turn back the hands of time and make a completely different decision on who their documentary wedding photographer should have been. Unfortunately, time machines do not exist yet and going back in time to get Owen Billcliffe is just wishful thinking.

However, what you can do to save yourself from having regrets in future when you see your wedding images is to take a proactive step in eliminating bad choices. What are bad choices? These are factors that influence the hiring decision of the couples. Once you learn to avoid these mistakes, you are very well on the part to eliminating possible problems with your wedding photographer.

#1 Hiring based on sentiments

“She is my family member, she is my close friend, he is a work colleague who does natural life photography well. It won’t look good if I hire outside my comfort zone… “All these are sentiments you have to put aside when it comes to securing the outcome of your wedding images. Sentiments won’t help you when you see that the images you are presented with are less than stellar.

Sentiments also won’t make up for the fact that you made a wrong decision and there is no way you can undo it. Therefore, when making a hiring decision, the first step is to do a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional and hiring that family member that could use the boost. Remember, it is your wedding day, and it is only right that you do what benefits you. No one can tell you otherwise.

#2 Hiring based on another person’s opinion

“Well, I used the documentary wedding photographer for my wedding and I can tell you that the images are stellar”. “My mom thinks that Greg is the best person for the job as he helped with their office party”. These are all opinions provided by outsiders. There is no evidence to back up the claim that the individual hired can absolutely deliver.

If you go by hearsay, then when you see your wedding pictures, can you blame others? The answer is no! They provided an opinion based on their perspective. You were the one that eventually decided to go with their photographers based on the opinions they provided. Never make the mistake of absolving someone else’s reality as yours.

As humans, we are generally different. What is likely to work for person A will not work for person B and vice versa. Conduct your own research. In the process you can consider their options but put them through the same selection process you are putting others through.

#3 Hiring based on cheapness

We all value the concept of best value at a cheap cost. But, sometimes, the cost actually belies the type of service you get. Does a cheap package mean you are getting mediocre service? Does an expensive package mean you are getting the best service?

The answer is no! The only way you can assure that you come out on top quality wise and cost wise is to perform your research.

Getting Started In The Photography Business

photography businessWell before you start your wedding photography business, you need to address a few questions about its sustainability, the money making tendency and of course about how to make the best start to your career. It’s easy to feel let down by all these questions, but then you got to know how to balance the pros along with the cons and mend ways for yourself.

Choose specialization

You know it’s better if you already have a choice of specialization unless of course you decide to be an all rounder. It does not make any sense switching from one specialization area to another wasting both your time and efforts. Plus most of the times it becomes highly unmanageable. You need to have a definite plan in your mind. Decide upon your goals and targets and try to work consistently towards them to make successful inroads into the business.

Develop competency

Your aim should be to develop competency in most of the areas, at least, two-third of them. There are also many other options out there. Nature photography, pet photography and commercial photography apart from wedding photography hampshire are all potential career choices. Their uniqueness is attributed to the amount of pressure you can handle in pleasing your customers. Therefore, it is important for you to decide if you are a people’s person and if you have the ability and the skills for finishing off work at a given time.

Set your style

You must also have a particular style which is appreciable to the customers especially when you are involved or wedding photography. Ask yourself whether you want to keep it as reportage or formal or candid or maybe a mix of them .once you make a decision on the type of style you’ll pursue, pay attention to your business goals in photography and mind you don’t ignore your competition.


You need to figure out the market rates, the market size, and the necessary gears, but most importantly you require experience. Try to look for assistance if possible because it is a must for you and you can’t do anything without it. Take, for instance, the job of a wedding photographer. Without the necessary experience and confidence of approach, it is highly unlikely that you make early inroads into the business. Not to forget the technical expertise, people’s skills and whatever else is required for the job.

Work with a Professional

Usually, it is advisable to go for group wedding photography before you indulge in wedding sessions. An ideal situation would be to work with a professional and gain the necessary experience required for the job. You can even offer zero cost assistance in weddings working under pros. Another photography requires you to get familiar with exposure and lighting techniques. So maybe pet photography would be best to start with before wedding Photography.

As a beginner, your chief aim should be to work extra for the first customers. Say for a wedding, people will remember you, and automatically you would become the first person they would call on family occasions. Marketing like this pays rich dividends not only for work but also for your career.

Documentary Wedding Photography – Tips for Beginners

documentary wedding photographyIf there’s one trend that keeps popping up in wedding photography, it’s the candid, caught-in-the-moment stills that really tends to pull on the heart. There’s a certain sense of personality and vulnerability that comes with photos that aren’t choreographed. It’s like just letting the events unfold and the photographer is but a skilled craftsman who is left as a spectator and his solemn role is to just document the moments and catch those fragments in time through the magic of his lens. This trend comes by with a lot of terms but the most common ones would be reportage or documentary wedding photography.

Looking into this particular type of wedding photography style does not come with a few challenges. Luckily, they’re fairly doable and with a little bit of practice and research, you should be a pro in no time. Also, we’ve compiled a few tips for you to look into to help you get started.

6 Tips for Beginners

First and foremost, you have to be the spectator. This is harder than it sounds like especially if you’re someone who’s used to choreographing picture perfect stills. The key in pulling this off is for you to make sure that you keep your participation in the process strictly to controlling the camera. Let the moments happen and just be there to document it. Give the bride, groom, and the entourage some space and let the event unfold like a movie… and you as the skillful spectator who immortalizes the moments in your images.

Second, at least acquaint yourself to the bride and groom on a more intimate level. Get to know them a little bit. Find out the things they like and the things that they may not be so fond about. Believe it or not, this is something that even the professional photographers leave out. It’s just a teensy weensy detail but it will make a world of difference for as far as satisfaction is concerned because you at least get a grasp of what their expectations are when you go through the effort of at least knowing them a little bit.

Third, be slightly anticipative and pre-empt when the moments are about to happen. You have to have your senses on edge and be able to watch out for the moments as they happen. It’s mind over matter, really. Bring you’re A-game on and make sure you have laser focus because the perfect moment can come any second. It may be the way the groom’s eyes light up the moment the bride enters the room, or the way the bride’s veil flutters in the wind, or even that single drop of tear that shyly slides down a father’s cheek as he sees his little girl finally leave him for someone else; whatever the moment is, be on alert because it means a whole world of difference both for your photos and for your clients.

Fourth, always keep in mind that your pictures should be smaller fragments of a bigger story. Try to find the theme that works for the event and meld your photos into it, making sure it tells a story. You don’t have to take pictures of all the moments happening, mind you. Just stick to those moments that actually matter and you should be just fine.

Fifth, be inventive and fearless in trying out new things. Don’t be intimidated to try out new angles or new settings. Remember, the greatest pictures are sometimes taken at really funny angles. The output always justifies the means for as far as photography is concerned so looking silly can’t be too bad at times.

And lastly, continuously work on and aim for progress. Be it in your lighting, your techniques, or even your gear. Truth is, there’s always room for improvement and as a photographer, you owe it to your craft to always be evolving and changing for the better!