Top Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing Their Documentary Wedding Photographer

documentary wedding photographerThere have been instances where couples lament on the outcome of their wedding pictures. Most of them wish they could turn back the hands of time and make a completely different decision on who their documentary wedding photographer should have been. Unfortunately, time machines do not exist yet and going back in time to get Owen Billcliffe is just wishful thinking.

However, what you can do to save yourself from having regrets in future when you see your wedding images is to take a proactive step in eliminating bad choices. What are bad choices? These are factors that influence the hiring decision of the couples. Once you learn to avoid these mistakes, you are very well on the part to eliminating possible problems with your wedding photographer.

#1 Hiring based on sentiments

“She is my family member, she is my close friend, he is a work colleague who does natural life photography well. It won’t look good if I hire outside my comfort zone… “All these are sentiments you have to put aside when it comes to securing the outcome of your wedding images. Sentiments won’t help you when you see that the images you are presented with are less than stellar.

Sentiments also won’t make up for the fact that you made a wrong decision and there is no way you can undo it. Therefore, when making a hiring decision, the first step is to do a comparison of advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional and hiring that family member that could use the boost. Remember, it is your wedding day, and it is only right that you do what benefits you. No one can tell you otherwise.

#2 Hiring based on another person’s opinion

“Well, I used the documentary wedding photographer for my wedding and I can tell you that the images are stellar”. “My mom thinks that Greg is the best person for the job as he helped with their office party”. These are all opinions provided by outsiders. There is no evidence to back up the claim that the individual hired can absolutely deliver.

If you go by hearsay, then when you see your wedding pictures, can you blame others? The answer is no! They provided an opinion based on their perspective. You were the one that eventually decided to go with their photographers based on the opinions they provided. Never make the mistake of absolving someone else’s reality as yours.

As humans, we are generally different. What is likely to work for person A will not work for person B and vice versa. Conduct your own research. In the process you can consider their options but put them through the same selection process you are putting others through.

#3 Hiring based on cheapness

We all value the concept of best value at a cheap cost. But, sometimes, the cost actually belies the type of service you get. Does a cheap package mean you are getting mediocre service? Does an expensive package mean you are getting the best service?

The answer is no! The only way you can assure that you come out on top quality wise and cost wise is to perform your research.