Baby Photography Know-How’s You Can Try

baby photography tipsManage your time well when doing photo shoots

If there is one thing that you need to know about baby photography, it would have to be the fact that you are almost always working with very limited time on your hands. Babies are extremely fickle and they can change their disposition anytime and with the drop of a hat. That is why if you have a smiling and fairly pleasant baby at the moment, you should make the most out of it and really take as many photos as you possibly can so that you will be able to more or less save yourself the trouble of having to photograph them when they are cranky. Any parent will tell you that it is very difficult to pacify a cranky baby.

Invest in a great assortment of props for your baby photography stint

Professional baby photographers, like this Raleigh newborn photographer, invest in props to deliver unique and more awesome baby photos. Props make baby photography shoots look great but what a lot of photographs tend to forget sometimes is the fact that it really isn’t all about the props. The whole central focus of the shoot should be the baby. You are attempting to immortalize their babyhood by putting it in the pictures so try to make your prop selection work around that concept and you should be just fine. Remember, you are looking for props that will complement the baby and not take the attention or focus away from the baby.

Keep your props clean and well maintained at all times

If you’ve already invested in props, be sure to always keep them cleaned and washed after every use. Babies tend to pee or barf a lot. It sounds disgusting if you’re not a parent but it becomes a daily part of life if you actually become one. Babies oftentimes do not wear diapers as well during photo shoots because, well, diapers are an eyesore so they are usually photographed in the buff so there is a very high chance that your props will be peed on, barfed on, or worse.

Have the siblings join the photo shoot if the baby has any

Photographs of older siblings with the baby look great. Nothing will stir the emotions of the parents more than seeing adorable photos of their children together. It evokes the novelty and fuzzy feeling that comes with a shared childhood and something that you should be able to use to your advantage as an expert in baby photography.

See if you can go and get a morning schedule for the baby photo shoot

Mornings are just hands down the best time to film babies because they are less cranky, they have just taken a bath, they are more likely to sleep more, and they are just overall in a far better mood. If you want smooth sailing from here, do well to not forget this little tidbit of information.

Use as much natural light as possible and try to avoid using flash if you can

Babies tend to get disturbed with harsh sporadic flashes of light. Use as much natural light as you can so as not to irritate them, especially if they’re sleeping.