Basic Baby Photography Know-How’s

baby photography tipsMake sure that you manage your time efficiently because you never know how much longer you have left before the baby loses his good disposition. Babies are extremely moody and they can get irritated with the slightest of things so while they’re happy and smiling and cooing or even sleeping, make sure that you are able to maximize your time by taking most of your shots during those moments. You just never know until when that is going to last.

Have assorted props

Try to get your hands on a good assortment of props to help accessorize the baby in the photos. Baby photography is synonymous to you owning a good variety of props that you can use during photo shoots. A good list of props would be soft and textured blankets, fluffy rugs, colorful and high quality wraps, head gear for both baby girls and boys, and pillows and baskets that you can put the baby in.

Always keep your props maintained and clean

If you’re going to be doing baby photography as a profession, there is a huge chance that you are going to be recycling your props. Most of these props will be peed on, barfed on, or just have saliva plopped all over them. You have to make sure that you are not passing germs on to your next clients through these props. Pop them in the washer after every single use and keep them nice and clean until the next use. It’s just the hygienic thing to do.

No flash

In baby photography buckinghamshire, you need to minimize the usage of flash because it may disturb the baby especially when it is sleeping. Babies are extremely sensitive to harsh lights and sounds and other kinds of disturbances so make sure that you take note of this when you are filming. Use as much natural light as possible so as not to disturb the baby particularly when he’s sleeping. Any good parent will tell you that disrupting a baby’s sleeping pattern is not a good idea to run with.

Sleepy time is also macro shots time

When babies are asleep, it’s the perfect time for you to whip out that macro lens and work on your extreme isolated close-ups of the different baby body parts. Parents will be over the moon seeing those cute little toes and hands in macro shots either digitally or in print.

Include the siblings in the photographs

If the baby has older siblings, it would be an adorable idea if you can include them in the photo shoot. You are not only immortalizing a phase that the baby’s in, you are also immortalizing a shared childhood that will be treasured greatly by the parents and children alike.

Schedule your photo shoots in the mornings

Mornings are the best time to film babies. Try to opt for the times where they have been recently fed and have just fallen asleep. This will give you enough time to get all of the shots you need before they actually wake up. Sleeping shots are absolutely adorable, you’ve got to admit it.