Wedding Preparation: Hiring Wedding Photographers South Wales

wedding photographers South WalesWhat do you need to do in order to prepare for your wedding? You need to plan! This simple sentence with four letters means that you have to think of the venue that you are renting, the date of your wedding, the number of guests to invite, etc. That also includes planning your wedding photography and hiring wedding photographers South Wales.

And even something as simple as hiring a wedding photographer needs a proper planning behind it. Because we know that you have a lot on your plate, we have prepared the steps here!

Set the time

You cannot just sit in front of your computer and start finding all the photographers you need. If your wedding date has been set, be sure to look for the photographer at least one year in advance. Every photographer has their own schedule and is often booked years ahead. In order to land a better chance of hiring someone you like, you need to be early about it.

You need to spend time looking at, preparing questions and then meeting those photographers. After meetups, you have to make the decision of the photographer that you want, and then meet again to settle on the details of the photography. All of these takes time to deal with and it’s not just about choosing someone with a good work result, but also good work attitude.

Set your standard

What is your budget and what kind of photographer do you want? Most people don’t know the kind of photographer that they want nor are they sure of the budget limit they have set! Different regions have a different standard of price or fee for hiring a wedding photographer. But we can say that in general, you can look at for a professional fee.

Professional wedding photographers South Wales can really differ in terms of style and price. But it is up to their own right because photography is a type of art with no definite way to measure them. There is only the amount of pictures you will get, which is a poor way to measure the price you should pay.

Settling on your preference is also a good way to easily skim through a long list of photographers. There are many people who will have similar styles to what you want and it’ll be easier to start from there.

Get a list of interview questions

You need to know what you want to ask them before meeting the potential photographers. The questions have to involve asking their experience, their specialty, their working method (such as how many weddings they work on every year) and finally, the fees. Price is a sensitive topic, but it’s a topic that is better talked out in clarity

At the end of the day, if you find yourself not feeling comfortable after chatting with them for a while, tell your partner about it. It’s important to work only with someone that understands you and makes you feel comfortable. Because one of the photographer’s job is also to take some pictures when you are prepping and dressing up!

Why and How to Get Natural Wedding Photography Service?

natural wedding photographyA natural wedding photography service is a much-wanted thing among couples. And naturally, every wedding photographer compete to offer the best natural wedding photography, but you here, are probably asking what is it? Why do people want it? And how do you find someone who is supposedly professional in doing that?


When you take pictures, it’s often that those pictures are taken with the people pose for it. Some people look very awkward for a picture session, but others look completely natural and express themselves freely. Natural photography is like the latter, but imagine that it’s in form of wedding pictures. You only see you and your partner looking in love and in mood in those pictures.

If the photographer isn’t good, you might only see two awkward people not knowing what to do in front of the camera. It’s natural to be nervous, but a good photographer will make it natural instead.

It’s not a specific style, but rather a quality that is sought from a wedding photographer. Some people do fine art while others do a documentary. It can be pretty obvious that it’s not natural if the subjects look nervous, some people stealing glances at the camera and poses look awkward.

Get a professional!

Not just everyone is cut out to do it. A photographer that is capable to do that has to be a friendly photographer as well. And not anyone is friendly by nature, especially for photographers! It is a challenge for some of them to be communicative and talk a lot to people they don’t know, like their own clients. However, we want to tell you that a good natural wedding photography service we can really recommend is

A wedding photographer has to be experienced as well to be able to assure the clients of what he does. We naturally feel safer and comfortable when we know the person directing us has been doing the same thing for the last 10 years. It’s not something that is hard or new and he knows more about what is, not just right, but better. With so much stress on getting the wedding ready, this is one less thing to worry.

To do that, you need to take your time when you look for photographers.

Make time to sit and have a chat with each of them and think if you will be able to enjoy their company when they shoot for your wedding. This is the person that will be with you for the whole day and tell you how you should look at your partner, where to sit, how to smile.

Although, that also means the photographer shouldn’t be doing that during the reception, but only for formal pictures.

Check out that person’s portfolios for natural wedding photography as well and see how well he takes pictures of the guests and the married couple. Do any of them look like they were taken from an unnatural angle? Do people look nervously towards the camera? While you can consider the chance of some people being camera shy, it’s also the photographer’s skill to make people comfortable in front of his camera.

How to Look for a Professional Wedding Photographer in a Short Time

wedding photographer ScotlandWe tend to not have enough time to prepare for our wedding. We always need one more day for everything, but time dictates otherwise for you! Looking for a wedding photographer Scotland that can fulfill your wishes and is professional in his job in a short time is definitely challenging. But it’s possible!

Decide on your budget

The first important step is to have a budget decision. Remember to keep a room for flexibility in case you need to spend more. But once you settle with it, try not to change it too much, so decision-making will become easier.

Remember if you are about to hire someone who comes from outside the city or state, you will have to calculate the additional cost. This additional cost can differ if the location gets further away from the wedding venue.

Fixed information

Is everything about your wedding set? That’s the best thing to have if you’re dealing with time and want to quickly hire a photographer. A wedding photographer will be able to answer you promptly if you can give him the detail of your event.

If you haven’t try to settle with the wedding date, location, and budget. These are the three most important information to have.

Get recommendations!

The fastest way to know you’re dealing with a reliable photographer is to hear past experiences of this person. It’ll help reassure your judgment of this photographer because someone is there to prove that this photographer does his job well. If you need one, we are ready to give you a recommendation of a wedding photographer Scotland from

Do interview

No matter how little time you have, make some time to chat and get to know with the photographer. You don’t want to work with someone who doesn’t even know what you love and end up missing the pictures that you really want. This short interview session is also a chance to discuss the wedding theme and also how you want your pictures to be best captured in.

The interview may also become the reason for you to hire or find someone else. Even though you don’t have time, remember to never make a rash decision because you’ll regret it.

Avoid these!

And the reason why we told you to not make a rash decision is that there are several things you need to remember. These are things your photographer shouldn’t have. The first one is an insured photographer. You should never risk your wedding and bring in a photographer that might just add up cost into the bill.

The second type of photographer is the type that market like a salesman. You are not looking for a cheap, budget photographer, but a professional. Someone who market like you’re the last client he’s seen would mean a bad thing. The third kind of photographer is the one who’s just started. And we’re talking about zero experiences, beginner photographers who do not know what they’re doing.

As long as you avoid these photographers, you can find a wedding photographer Scotland that will be able to take wedding pictures the way you love it. Even though you’re rushed right now, this is a choice that will decide the pictures that you’ll keep till the day of your last breath.

3 Things About Wedding Album You Didn’t Know

female wedding photographerHaving the physical pictures is different from looking at them through your computer. It’s also the reason why after so many decades of computer advancement, books and papers still reign. For the next couple of decades and probably century, this ancient source of reading will remain for a long time.

That’s also why you probably never realized why a wedding album is worth getting from your female wedding photographer. It’s not just about the results of the pictures, but also how you keep them for the long years ahead.

A lot of print choices

An album is not the only choice of print you have. You can also print wedding books, which costs significantly lower. However, there are also drawbacks that come with it. Aside from that, your photographer also probably includes huge prints on canvas and framed to be hung above your bed or in the living room.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, wedding books are different from wedding album. The choices of paper, assembling method and materials used for the book cover differ a lot.

Wedding albums are better than books

Wedding albums are usually made with leather cover and the binding is done separately with each paper. Pictures are printed on only one side of the paper; that’s why you’ll see that each ‘layer’ you flip is actually two pieces of it glued together. This ensure the paper will last longer and you will also enjoy them better as it doesn’t overlap with the pictures behind it.

If you look at the pictures taken by a female wedding photographer from, imagine all those vibrant colors printed on a flimsy paper. It will tear in no time! A wedding album usually make use of high-quality photo paper or, if you care to spend more, fine art paper. These papers are thick and durable, ensuring the colors of your vibrant wedding party live for the decades to come.

The paper used in wedding books are usually cheaper and tears easier. It makes use of both sides of the paper and the binding often doesn’t open for 180 degrees. This means you can’t enjoy pictures that are printed on both sides.

For the cover, your wedding album’s finishing touch can be done with a hardcover of your own picture or an elegant leather cover. Either way, you’ll end up with a cover that will also protect your pictures and give a beautiful finishing to it. Wedding books usually make use of leatherette, hardcover or softcover which can also use your own pictures on them.

The price

A wedding album can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000. It can truly differ based on how many pictures you want it, how many pages is used, the kind of paper you want and the structure of the album. But all in all, a wedding album can last for as long as you live and even beyond that.

A female wedding photographer will suggest you an album first, but if you need an affordable choice, a wedding book is the choice. It can cost less than $100 and you usually have more pictures in it. However, it’s not the type that lasts a lifetime.

Not Hiring a Pro? Not Cool.

Hertfordshire wedding photographerNo, please don’t say that you’re not going to hire a professional Hertfordshire wedding photographer. Many of you can mean many reasons to not hire one but let me tell you why all those reasons (unless it’s because you totally run out of money) aren’t legit.

First off, your wedding pictures are at stake here. You won’t be doing another wedding anytime soon or far in the future. You’ll be stuck with what you got and not and you have to move on. Regrets will sink in later.

If you’re going for an alternative choice, such as having someone to volunteer, well, there’s a little problem here. He can take pictures, of course, he’s got the camera and all. But has he ever had a real experience with taking wedding pictures before? No. Most probably, this is his first to be serious and you’re going to be taking the risk of just accepting what you’ll be given later on.

There’s the fact that being responsible as the wedding photographer is huge. You don’t just take the pictures, move them to a USB and send them to the couple just like that. You have to edit and clean the pictures and then arrange a template of wedding album at the very least for the couple. Handcrafting your own wedding album is a whole different story.


And then there are people who think wedding videos are better than pictures. Well, you definitely cannot set a video as your computer’s wallpaper. And you also can’t just swipe through the video as for how you’d do on pictures. There is simply not enough time every day to replay the hour’s long video.

That’s what so unique about photography and pictures, says a professional Hertfordshire wedding photographer from Even though they cannot recap the whole situation live, they can capture something in a still mode; such as that sweet moment when the bride kissed the groom with tears in her eyes. Or when that little boy shoved a small flower to a girl.

Videos cannot be measured as better than photographs. But it doesn’t mean that pictures are. Both are different and beautiful in their own sense.

Make up your mind!

There’s a reason why a photographer can cost high. It’s due to the fact that they receive extensive training and that simply having a keen eye isn’t enough. You need to be agile and adapt quickly to the situation to take pictures without intruding the guests or the couples.

The fact that situation can change in the venue, such as from a bright day to a rainy one, asks for a photographer that is always ready at all times. Not everyone can shoot well in the dark because that’s the lifeline of a photographer! That’s also why phone’s camera perform badly in the dark as if there’s a lagging.

Hiring a photographer will never be a disappointment. Take note that we’re talking about hiring a professional Hertfordshire wedding photographer, not a budget one. If you still want to let your uncle volunteer, that’s totally okay. Just make sure you inform the photographer so that they won’t clash with each other.

First Impression for Mothers!

newborn photographyWhen you first meet your potential client with a bump, that’s the moment you know you’re facing a sensitive woman but also a potential client. Know how you should treat them so that they will be comfortable enough and convinced to believe you’re a professional. The first impression always matters!

How to get mothers convinced to book a newborn photography session?

Make them feel comfortable

Mothers tend to feel very uncomfortable and some even feel constant back pain due to their pregnancy. It’s weighing down on them, but they’re still enthusiastic enough to look for a baby photography session. With this in mind, can you think of how to make their waiting lounge comfortable?

You can decorate it with chairs that are made for pregnant moms. Provide something for them to read about. From books about newborn pictures to general mommy must-knows. These will keep them entertained while they wait.

What about toilets? It’s one of the worst things about being pregnant! You just seem to make more trips to the toilet even though you didn’t drink that much. But no choice; being a mother means making a lot of sacrifices.

Allow them to be worried

Don’t pressure the mothers by starting to tell them that “We’re professional and it’s going to be all right.” Instead, let them sound their concerns about photography sessions. There’s always a chance that she’s never been to one and she has a lot to find out about. Most importantly, she needs to know if it’s going to be completely safe and okay.

This newborn photography site,, is owned by a professional photographer. Inside, you’ll find a lot of great pictures that won’t be possible to be taken without the trust of parents. Gaining trust is important, or your parents will have a lot to complain.

Answer her questions one by one and always invite her to just ask away anything they want. Feeling comfortable and having their concerns dissolves within your explanations will create a sense of dependency. This will bring them to think that it’s a better idea to hire someone that understands.

Offer a tour on the set

If they meet up at the studio, invite them to have a look at the photography room and explain briefly on what will happen. Have them get a hang on how a session typically happens. This will also prepare them with what to bring. Don’t leave out chances of the worst-case scenarios. For example, when the baby is woken up, where is the nursery?

Other photographers love to mention all the good things. You can be the photographer that mentions what can happen but also offer the solutions. For example, if the session takes too long, what will happen? How does one decide on the schedule?

Getting the parents ready during the newborn photography session is part of your job anyway when the contract is to be established. But if you’re willing to show such service early on, they’ll be glad to know that they’re exposed to the truth soon rather than after. Trust is a very important quality that many people seek and prioritize. But it’s also something that many conceal in hopes their clients won’t find out.

Wedding Photography Styles: The Basic Knowledge

Scotland wedding photographerThere are basically a few styles of photography that photographers have when dealing with wedding photography. The most widely-known and used is reportage. A professional Scotland wedding photographer would know well to employ this style and hone it.

Others would be fine art, documentary and natural. We’ll be talking them and hopefully, you can figure out the style that fits you.


Reportage is a style where the photographer focuses on capturing pictures of the event. The pictures then show the story of the event as if it’s unfolding from one picture to another. The documentary style is another word to call it.

Most wedding photographers possess this style. It’s due to the heavy demand from couples and the fact that pictures during wedding events are meant to keep the story of this special day in their album. While they are required to capture the pictures in their own aesthetic style, they need to capture the day from scene to scene and from people to people.

Without missing a thing about the day, that’s the reportage style. That’s also why black and white, as well as candid pictures, are prevalent in those photographers that use this style heavily. In order to distract onlookers from the story, black and white reduces the beauty of colors, but allow us to focus on what is going on instead of how it looks like. Candid is because photographers are to only become observers of the event.

The best Scotland wedding photographer that executes reportage perfectly is The pictures are simply breathtaking and very storytelling-like.

Fine art

It’s the beauty of the scene that matters. That’s what wedding photographers with fine art style focus on. Visual beauty, aesthetic, pretty; these are the adjectives that fine art relates it. In actuality, fine art has a deeper meaning, but with wedding pictures, it’s softened to focus on simply breathtaking and mesmerizing moments of getting married.

It’s not quite easy to do this with reportage. Most of the time, perfect moments are crafted. The photographer will imagine and direct the models to pose the way the photographer imagines it. But during reception and ceremony, the photographer isn’t given such luxury. It’s then, up to the photographer to figure out the best time to capture the beautiful moment.

Of course, it rings heavy practice and being in a lot of wedding parties. Getting used to the moment will help you predict what will happen and then, where you should stand and get ready to take the pictures. Otherwise, fine art is easy as long as you know the right pose for the couple and the venue.


Natural is more to say that the photographer does more candid-like pictures than formal pictures. Pictures were taken the way they were, not because the photographer had altered something in it to make it look that way. That’s what natural means. That is also why natural often sounds together with reportage.

Saying natural fine art photography is easier than done. Directing your couples can take away the natural expression off their face. But this can be prevented if the couples can get comfortable with the Scotland wedding photographer. That, of course, isn’t easy but is the secret to a successful natural fine art photography.

How to Seek Professionalism in Cheshire Wedding Photography?

Cheshire wedding photographyAs a couple searching to get the most out of your wedding photographers, we want to find a professional Cheshire wedding photography service. That said, it’s not easy to find it in the midst of photographers who are using the word professional without really knowing what it takes to be one.

While being a professional is a different matter altogether, we can help you to spot them out. Aside from the pointless, beautiful expressions that they may use when talking about themselves, here’s how to find a professional.

Assess their experience

There are just things that cannot be learned in the class or by the book. Experience isn’t called the best teacher for nothing. It’s a proof that one has succeeded or failed through several jobs and they can tell you what they’ve learned. Those that succeeded can tell you what they’ve achieved. It helps you understand that if such problems were to happen to you, it won’t be hard to overcome it.

Assess their portfolios

Their portfolios are a great way to know your photographer in terms of their style. There’s really nothing they can change about how they view things; it’s up to if you like how they look at things or not. In short, you need to be able to tell if your photographer will be able to take pictures of how you see them fit, even if you don’t know how to explain it.

Cheshire wedding photography can be done in several different ways, such as reportage and fine art. is an example of a professional reportage wedding photography you can look at.

Assess their fluency in speaking

We’re not trying to discriminate those who might not have the ability to speak fluently, but for those who do, note this. Fluency of speaking is something that shows how much that photographer trusts in his own skills.

You don’t want to pay for someone who can’t even give you a straight, firm answer if he can provide a solution or be the photographer that will give you gorgeous wedding pictures you want. During the interview, you can also find out the kind of photographer they are. The best photographers won’t just talk, but also let you share.

They want to find out about your wedding and tell you how they can support it. They won’t act like the all-knowing but will listen, but that momentary silent simply shows that they are really concerned. It’s all about if they are really focused on giving the best treatment to their clients.

Give yourself time

Don’t jump to conclusion that the first photographer seems to be good enough, because you don’t have a benchmark, yet. Compare this photographer too as many others as possible. There can be a much better candidate out there and this is for an event that is going to be the only one in your lifetime. Because of this, you and partner will want to take as many candidates as possible.

Without rushing things, assess these photographers according to the points above. After the both of you can agree on one, then you finalize the booking of your Cheshire wedding photography with no regrets.

Wedding Photography Insurance: Introduction

wedding photographer HampshireInsurance has been gaining popularity for good reasons. More and more incidents are occurring and put photographers are a risk. As a wedding photographer Hampshire are you insured, yet?

The world is a scary place. You never know when someone has been eyeing your camera or if someone will get injured from tripping on your equipment. It’s full of coincidences and unfortunate things can happen to you. The cost that is incurred and not to mention how it’s going to be known to lots of people when uploaded online. Better start getting familiar with insurance, no?

Insure your belongings

Property insurance or business owner’s policy covers the loss and damages to your property that is related to the business. It’ll be a different thing if you lose your phone as that’s included as your private belonging. But cameras, lenses, memory cards, your computer and your studio can be included in the insurance.

The higher you pay, the more the company will cover. Even so, each company differs in the amount of premium you have to pay, so you have to do your own research. This insurance protects in the case your camera is stolen or if your studio is destroyed by a natural disaster. If you buy a new gear, you can notify the company to also have it included in the policy.

Insure your professionalism

There are people who might come to you saying that you didn’t do a great job as you promised. The problem with photography is that it can be pretty subjective for the court to decide. But most of the time, it can be related to the number of pictures, the editing process, or for being late in sending them the album. Unless you can keep your standard very high like as a wedding photographer Hampshire, you definitely want to get this one insurance.

However, there are also some people who just like to mess around. Professional Indemnity will help you when you have to defend yourself against the case. It will cover the legal fee and the penalty if you have to.

Clients and venues want it

Many clients and venues these days are also asking their photographers to carry insurance with them. Due to a lot of incidents and the bitter taste that’s left after it, some venues even don’t allow you to work at their place if you cannot provide a proof of insurance.

Clients are also eager to seek out safety first. While they don’t expect, they anticipate in the case that bad things do happen, at least you have the insurance to cover the fee and the matter can be quickly resolved.

Optional: one-day insurance

Getting a yearly insurance may prove to be a big thing to some people. If you only want to be insured when you work, you can get a one-day insurance as a wedding photographer Hampshire. This will help cover the majority of the costs that can be incurred if something does happen.

It’s the most suitable option if you’re still a beginner or has to be the photographer for a friend’s wedding and has yet decided to become a professional.

Essex Wedding Photographer: Your Wedding Memories Are Not A Compromise

Wedding photographs and their importance

Essex wedding photographerWedding photography in its entirety is an art that bears a lot of value in wedding ceremonies. Going by this, it comes as no surprise that the Essex wedding photographer has a certain amount of responsibility in ensuring that the resulting memories captured are created into a beautiful kaleidoscope of images for the couple’s future perusal. Why? Because even long after the wedding, the wedding photographs will stand the test of time and be the proof or memento of the significant events that took place at a time in the past.

Also, the wedding album in which the images are compiled into will persevere even long after the couple in question may have left the face of the earth. The average married couple with wedding images will want to keep this album intact and perhaps one day pass it down to their children. The future generation will also be interested in the wedding photographs even if it is just to satisfy their curiosity of what the wedding was back in the day.

With the amount of importance, the wedding photographs bear, it comes as no surprise that the Essex wedding photographer bearing the responsibility of recording these images are the best.

The wedding photographer’s importance

There are a lot of merits attached to hiring the services of a wedding photographer although some individuals deem them to be an expense they can do without by having a family member or friend capture the events of the day. However, this is not the case. The wedding photographer will only be as expensive as you want them to and as cheap as you can afford them to be. The price tag placed on the services of the Essex wedding photographer will always differ according to the service being offered and the type of package it comes in.

Wedding photography has gone beyond where it used to be in the past where you had couples standing still for a period of time just to capture the memories of the day. It takes a talented wedding photographer to be able to record different weddings and make them distinct from one another. He or she also goes about not only recording the actions but the mood reflected by the wedding party and making sure that at their leisure time the wedding couple gets to see a pictorial account of their special day.

The wedding photographer’s deal

At the end of the day, when the event has been over and done with, the images captured will now be presented by the Essex wedding photographer in albums, portraits, hard drives or CD-roms for the couple to keep for a long period of time. These images will most likely have the participants such as family and friends, the little details such as how the decoration looked, what the bride wore, what the buffet looked like etc. The wedding photographer understands that not only are the moments important but the people that help make the moment are also important to the couple as well. This is why you should never compromise on your wedding memories and have only the best help in its capture.