Things To Know About Baby Photo Shoots

portfolio of baby picturesIf you’re currently expecting a baby and you would you got to document this early babyhood days, then you probably should get started the best baby photographers in your area. You also need to make sure her expectations I’m going through one portfolio of baby pictures after another n your quest finding the best baby photographer fit for the baby photo shoot that you are planning out sometime after the baby is born. Parenthood can be a wondrous and joyous thing especially if you are able to document them long enough through pictures that are taken and that are produced professionally land the legit baby photographer.

Pay attention to the way that you schedule your baby photo shoot.

The most ideal time schedule this would be during the first two weeks of the baby’s life. This is mainly because of the fact that the baby will not be doing anything more than sleeping and eating nothing between. Make an extra strategic for the photographer to capture all of the shots that he needs to capture in the first place. If you’ve ever seen those photos when babies are put inside baskets and other containers and crates, you will notice that most of those babies are asleep almost all of the time that they are being photographed. It’s important that you pay attention to the schedule because any time later than 2 weeks, the baby will already be a little bit more receptive and reactive and you might have a hard time classic photos and baby photography. The time of the day is crucial as well. It should always be roughly around during the mid-morning where the baby from a long night sleep, has been recently washed, and probably just recently fed as well.

Make it a point to make sure that the set of the photoshoot will be something comfortable for the baby to stay in. It doesn’t matter if it is set up at home or in the baby photographer studio. For as long as you make sure did the temperature is toasty and comfy end of the baby hate feel secure and safe environment, then you should be on your way to a successful photoshoot. Bring some toys along if you have to. Bring anything along that you might think might help the baby feel comfortable and enjoy the photo shoot somewhere along the way. Plush toys and everything else that might turn out to be colorful and I catching for the baby should work out the right way.

This probably isn’t worth mentioning about this in the first place.

Always make sure that you remind baby photographer to airbrush the skin of the baby for the final post-production details all the photos. Babies will go through a shedding phase their lives and their skin might not turn out to look as flawless and as smooth as you would like it to be. As well as a few basic airbrushing Strokes will really make all of the difference in the world those that are being produced in the long run.

Indian Wedding Photography: Capture the Heart of the Moment

wedding photographyIndian wedding photography is particularly difficult for an outsider who is not aware of their customs and traditions. As a professional, it should be your responsibility to make sure that you bask in their culture for the duration of the project. That is the only way that you will really be able to pretty much make sense of the sequence of events that are likely to happen during the actual ceremony. This will equip you better in capturing the heart of the moments and to be able to translate that to the photos that you will be processing.

Mhendi – Pre-wedding ritual

One of the most iconic of Indian wedding practices would have to be the pre-wedding ritual of getting the bride ready, it’s called Mhendi. The bride’s feet and hands are intricately and meticulously painted with miniature art out of henna. It’s usually red in color but may at times vary depending on preference. This is a great photo shoot opportunity that you should not pass off.


There’s also the Barat. Barat is the groom’s grand entrance to the wedding. He is usually decked in heavily decorated finery and depending on the grandness of the wedding, may be riding a horse, an elephant, or some kind of exotic animal. In modern times, you may encounter a more less traditional vehicle such as a limo. The groom is usually accompanied by a live band with the rest of his family dancing in the procession. This is awesome for photographs.
You should keep your eyes on the prize though and should not be sidetracked with the ostentatious ceremonies that come with a typical Indian wedding. There are more emotional and romantic practices such as the Varmala. Varmala is basically a practice of having the bride and groom swap heavily flowered garlands and hanging it on each other’s necks.


There is also the Pheras wherein the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows around a holy fire. All the while, they do this while holding hands and walking slowly around the fire for about seven times. If this isn’t the epitome of what makes a romantic scene for you, then we don’t know what will.

Kanya Daan

Perhaps the most emotional of all of the Indian wedding ceremony rituals is the Kanya Daan. The bride’s family officially hands over their daughter to the groom. This moment can turn quite emotional and a bit weepy. Like seriously, if you will be able to film this will extremely dry eyes, no misting of any kind whatsoever, then props to you for being an immovable rock that is devoid of emotions.

The thing is, Indian wedding photography is interesting and different and involves an entire array of practices and customs that will both throw you off and endear you to the culture at the same time. Make the most out of the moments that you are able to witness and you should be just fine. Always shoot with your instincts but more importantly, shoot with something even more basic and intrinsic – your heart.

How Should A Wedding Photographer Conduct Himself?

Dress appropriatelywedding photographer

A wedding photographer always makes sure he dresses appropriately. You should be someone who will be able to dress the part. This is actually not a thing to do if you just go through the motions of really looking into what wedding style it is. If the dress code requires something that is black tie, then that should be something you need to do. If it is something far more casual like a beach wedding, then you should dress the part as well. It is something as easy as just asking the clients what type of wedding it is and what kind of dress code is required and that should be it. It’s not rocket science and it is not that hard to figure out for as long as you exert the extra effort.

Visit wedding venue

A wedding photographer should always visit the wedding venue a few days before the actual event. Visiting the wedding venue will give the photographer a bunch of advantages that he would not have had the luxury of getting if he does not go through the extra hassle of actually checking out the wedding venue well ahead of time. Try to visit the place at about the same time that the event will be held in. this is to make sure that you are better acquainted with the way the light and the shadows fall across. You will have a better idea about where and how to pose the people you would like to take photos of if you are more familiar with the place. Take some practice shots and see how it works out.

Care for gear

A wedding photographer should always take extra care of his gear and should smartly backup all of his images. Your gear is your primary means to make a living. You should really commit on how you will be able to take care of everything. You need to make sure that you are able to routinely clean your cameras and your lenses and store them accordingly whenever they are not in use.


A wedding photographer should also know how to grow his business through networking. Networking is the life blood of client acquisition. Every wedding photographer worth his salt knows this. Get into the habit of really talking to people (even strangers) and introducing yourself and talk about your business. Establish nice working relationships with the fellow wedding professionals you work with. Give out business cards and always know the value of a strategic follow up.

Manage crowds

A wedding photographer dundee should not be overbearing with his presence but should still be able to manage crowds accordingly and effectively if needs be. Really make it your business to sort of be invisible during the wedding event. Try to minimize the use of flash if you can have enough natural light that is readily available so as not to disturb or distract people too much. Invest in a great telephoto lens so that you can position yourself from a comfortable distance but still be able to take close-up photos of people so you don’t end up obstructing the view or getting in people’s ways.

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsThey’ve been there and done that

They know the ropes. You need to have someone who really knows what they’re doing. You can’t entrust the most important day of your life and your partner’s life to an amateur. A seasoned professional wedding photographer has covered wedding after wedding and has pretty much seen it all. He will almost always come prepared and know exactly what to expect during the events. He knows all the possible slip ups that might happen because chances are, he has gone through that and has learned some valuable lessons in the past. You can also be rest assured that you are getting someone who is calm and collected and won’t end up jittery and all over the place when things don’t go as well as planned.

They know how to pose you

Photos for wedding events are extremely important in such a way that they will immortalize you during that special day. Getting the aid of a professional wedding photographer, you are guaranteed to be posed the right way. You can be rest assured with the fact that they will know what your best angles are and they will be more than happy to coach you some instructions in order for you to come out looking great in the photos. This is the kind of luxury you do not get to enjoy with someone who is only starting out in the craft.

You are always guaranteed high quality and professionally touched up photos

Wedding photographers know how to manipulate the photos they take and even know how to fix those images that might not look so hot in the raw files. It’s part of their training. It’s part of their code. A veteran Nottingham wedding photographer will usually be able to touch his photos up with eyes half closed. You are guaranteed to have your photos looking glossy and crisp as ever.

They are contractually bound to deliver what they promised you

Getting a professional wedding photographer means that they are bound to you legally. They cannot just bail out of an agreement because they “don’t feel like it” or just because “something came up”, which may be some excuses you are risking yourself to hear if you only call in a favor from a friend to cover your wedding. They will cover your wedding come hell or high water.

They have fast turnaround times

You get your products delivered to you with lightning speed. Some of the really skilled ones can even offer you a same day edit presentation which would be really cool to show off during a reception.

They have great crowd control skills

You will not get embarrassed with guests complaining that he is rude and bossy. The really seasoned professionals out there are usually pretty stealthy and usually go through the wedding coverage without causing so much of a stir and without having their presence stand out too much.

They got you covered when it comes to all the expensive and high end photography equipment

Lastly, high quality cameras are worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and are just not something worth buying if you’re only planning to use it for that event alone. Getting a professional wedding photographer will mean that he will have to worry about that.

Baby Photography Know-How’s You Can Try

baby photography tipsManage your time well when doing photo shoots

If there is one thing that you need to know about baby photography, it would have to be the fact that you are almost always working with very limited time on your hands. Babies are extremely fickle and they can change their disposition anytime and with the drop of a hat. That is why if you have a smiling and fairly pleasant baby at the moment, you should make the most out of it and really take as many photos as you possibly can so that you will be able to more or less save yourself the trouble of having to photograph them when they are cranky. Any parent will tell you that it is very difficult to pacify a cranky baby.

Invest in a great assortment of props for your baby photography stint

Professional baby photographers, like this Raleigh newborn photographer, invest in props to deliver unique and more awesome baby photos. Props make baby photography shoots look great but what a lot of photographs tend to forget sometimes is the fact that it really isn’t all about the props. The whole central focus of the shoot should be the baby. You are attempting to immortalize their babyhood by putting it in the pictures so try to make your prop selection work around that concept and you should be just fine. Remember, you are looking for props that will complement the baby and not take the attention or focus away from the baby.

Keep your props clean and well maintained at all times

If you’ve already invested in props, be sure to always keep them cleaned and washed after every use. Babies tend to pee or barf a lot. It sounds disgusting if you’re not a parent but it becomes a daily part of life if you actually become one. Babies oftentimes do not wear diapers as well during photo shoots because, well, diapers are an eyesore so they are usually photographed in the buff so there is a very high chance that your props will be peed on, barfed on, or worse.

Have the siblings join the photo shoot if the baby has any

Photographs of older siblings with the baby look great. Nothing will stir the emotions of the parents more than seeing adorable photos of their children together. It evokes the novelty and fuzzy feeling that comes with a shared childhood and something that you should be able to use to your advantage as an expert in baby photography.

See if you can go and get a morning schedule for the baby photo shoot

Mornings are just hands down the best time to film babies because they are less cranky, they have just taken a bath, they are more likely to sleep more, and they are just overall in a far better mood. If you want smooth sailing from here, do well to not forget this little tidbit of information.

Use as much natural light as possible and try to avoid using flash if you can

Babies tend to get disturbed with harsh sporadic flashes of light. Use as much natural light as you can so as not to irritate them, especially if they’re sleeping.

Basic Baby Photography Know-How’s

baby photography tipsMake sure that you manage your time efficiently because you never know how much longer you have left before the baby loses his good disposition. Babies are extremely moody and they can get irritated with the slightest of things so while they’re happy and smiling and cooing or even sleeping, make sure that you are able to maximize your time by taking most of your shots during those moments. You just never know until when that is going to last.

Have assorted props

Try to get your hands on a good assortment of props to help accessorize the baby in the photos. Baby photography is synonymous to you owning a good variety of props that you can use during photo shoots. A good list of props would be soft and textured blankets, fluffy rugs, colorful and high quality wraps, head gear for both baby girls and boys, and pillows and baskets that you can put the baby in.

Always keep your props maintained and clean

If you’re going to be doing baby photography as a profession, there is a huge chance that you are going to be recycling your props. Most of these props will be peed on, barfed on, or just have saliva plopped all over them. You have to make sure that you are not passing germs on to your next clients through these props. Pop them in the washer after every single use and keep them nice and clean until the next use. It’s just the hygienic thing to do.

No flash

In baby photography buckinghamshire, you need to minimize the usage of flash because it may disturb the baby especially when it is sleeping. Babies are extremely sensitive to harsh lights and sounds and other kinds of disturbances so make sure that you take note of this when you are filming. Use as much natural light as possible so as not to disturb the baby particularly when he’s sleeping. Any good parent will tell you that disrupting a baby’s sleeping pattern is not a good idea to run with.

Sleepy time is also macro shots time

When babies are asleep, it’s the perfect time for you to whip out that macro lens and work on your extreme isolated close-ups of the different baby body parts. Parents will be over the moon seeing those cute little toes and hands in macro shots either digitally or in print.

Include the siblings in the photographs

If the baby has older siblings, it would be an adorable idea if you can include them in the photo shoot. You are not only immortalizing a phase that the baby’s in, you are also immortalizing a shared childhood that will be treasured greatly by the parents and children alike.

Schedule your photo shoots in the mornings

Mornings are the best time to film babies. Try to opt for the times where they have been recently fed and have just fallen asleep. This will give you enough time to get all of the shots you need before they actually wake up. Sleeping shots are absolutely adorable, you’ve got to admit it.

How to Competitively Price Your Wedding Photography Services

wedding photography tipsStarting a business and thriving in it is no easy take – regardless of whatever industry you may be in. The world of wedding photography works pretty much the same. The pond may be large but it is also crowded at times and you would need to have your specialty, your niche, per se in order for you to be able to stand out from among the crowd and really grease the money wheel when it comes to getting clients and bookings and profits in general, really. If this is something that you’re quite new in, know that you have a long and arduous road ahead but when you get to that point of success, you will eventually get to look back and determine that everything that you had to go through was worth it when it all comes down to it.

Pricing is one of the competitive edges most successful businesses have

It should be high enough to cover all operating costs and overhead plus a margin of profit but not too low wherein people will start to question the quality of the kind of service that you offer as a professional photographer. You also can’t afford to overshoot the pricing too much or you’re just going to look like the next overconfident pompous chum you managed to get a hold of an expensive camera and an even more expensive ego. In pricing, it is all about balance and finesse. We came up with a short guide to help you competitively price your Seattle wedding photography services.

Draw out an actual business plan before you start anything else

If anything, a business plan is a blueprint of the direction of where your business is going to go. Set out goals and timelines and strategies on how you are going to achieve them. Map out the amount of capital funds needed, how you’re going to procure them if they are not readily available, and what your average return of investment will be several years down the road. This will be your business model and it is yours to customize.

Always do the math on your costing

You’re probably patting your own back when you got that $5,000 deal for a wedding coverage that only takes place in one day but when you really break down the math in all that, when it comes to work hours, resources, and effort, you’re getting so much less than that. You have to deduct the 2 or so days that you will be scouting the venues ahead of time, the time you spend with the clients to nail down what they want and actually get it on paper, the cost of equipment and man hours and possibly manpower from an employee during the actual wedding day, post production, cost of paid software for editing, cost of prints and album binding and publishing, and so on and so forth. If you’re not that good with math, you might as well just hire an accountant to make your life so much easier and to make sure that you are indeed making profit from all your efforts.

Getting Started In The Photography Business

photography businessWell before you start your wedding photography business, you need to address a few questions about its sustainability, the money making tendency and of course about how to make the best start to your career. It’s easy to feel let down by all these questions, but then you got to know how to balance the pros along with the cons and mend ways for yourself.

Choose specialization

You know it’s better if you already have a choice of specialization unless of course you decide to be an all rounder. It does not make any sense switching from one specialization area to another wasting both your time and efforts. Plus most of the times it becomes highly unmanageable. You need to have a definite plan in your mind. Decide upon your goals and targets and try to work consistently towards them to make successful inroads into the business.

Develop competency

Your aim should be to develop competency in most of the areas, at least, two-third of them. There are also many other options out there. Nature photography, pet photography and commercial photography apart from wedding photography hampshire are all potential career choices. Their uniqueness is attributed to the amount of pressure you can handle in pleasing your customers. Therefore, it is important for you to decide if you are a people’s person and if you have the ability and the skills for finishing off work at a given time.

Set your style

You must also have a particular style which is appreciable to the customers especially when you are involved or wedding photography. Ask yourself whether you want to keep it as reportage or formal or candid or maybe a mix of them .once you make a decision on the type of style you’ll pursue, pay attention to your business goals in photography and mind you don’t ignore your competition.


You need to figure out the market rates, the market size, and the necessary gears, but most importantly you require experience. Try to look for assistance if possible because it is a must for you and you can’t do anything without it. Take, for instance, the job of a wedding photographer. Without the necessary experience and confidence of approach, it is highly unlikely that you make early inroads into the business. Not to forget the technical expertise, people’s skills and whatever else is required for the job.

Work with a Professional

Usually, it is advisable to go for group wedding photography before you indulge in wedding sessions. An ideal situation would be to work with a professional and gain the necessary experience required for the job. You can even offer zero cost assistance in weddings working under pros. Another photography requires you to get familiar with exposure and lighting techniques. So maybe pet photography would be best to start with before wedding Photography.

As a beginner, your chief aim should be to work extra for the first customers. Say for a wedding, people will remember you, and automatically you would become the first person they would call on family occasions. Marketing like this pays rich dividends not only for work but also for your career.

Home Portrait Studio Equipment

home portrait studioStarting a home studio is very easy and effective with the help of a few studio equipment needed. Anyone can start this kind of studio, and it’s a good place to start whether you want to take photography as a career or just a pass time hobby activity. For both parties, here are items you need to start a home portrait studio.


It’s good to note that the type of camera you buy varies from the type of work you want to specialize with. Notably, most of the cameras are okay to use the only thing one needs to hugely invest in are the lenses. 50mm and below are supposed to be the standard lenses for this kind of studio. Since it deals with a lot of close range pictures.


This are bulbs that provide the artificial light to make your object glow or cast a shadow. It may be wise to get two or more depending on your creativity.


A few stands may be needed for the camera, lights, umbrellas and the reflectors.


Reflectors are used to bounce back light and are useful components in shining light into darkened focused area. They also have a way of sieving light and occupying it in one space.


When it comes to back drop, you’ll need wall mounts and backdrop papers to create your background setting. It will be wise to consider the scenario you want to as when you purchase you know the type and color you might wish to purchase. Also it’s wise to learn about how certain light colors behave in certain material and their colors.


You will need umbrellas to open up light to a larger area depending on the type of picture you are taking. Two might be good to begin with.


You must have a space at home that is ideal for the studio. Ideal in terms of conduciveness to take pictures, to welcome clients and isolated from outside disturbances.


It’s good to have a have a computer to edit your pictures as you take them or add some visual effects. This also comes up with software that deliver on that. Also skills to know how to use the software are needed. Today, most professional photographers, like this dorset wedding photographer, know how to edit images.


You might wish to have a model to experiment on and also market your studio. You can hire one or may be a family member.


You might need some added stylist if you wish to go full professional on this. This are hair make-up and dress stylist to add on to your list. This people will help in your image creation and consultation.

Finally, making a home studio is not as complicated as such. It’s good to note that this are the major key components needed. However, as growth is inevitable, photography will continue evolving and new ways will continue emerging of taking pictures and setting up studios. So don’t close your eye from seeing what new has been discovered or what’s new you need to learn. And yes, photography pays.

Newborn Photography Tips and Tricks

newborn baby photographyNewborn photography can be alien territory and basically uncharted waters for photographers who have never had an experience in the field, who are not exactly parents, or who have never had an experience handling kids. Newborns in particular are really extra hard to film because they can’t really communicate with the photographer verbally. Newborns also tend to sleep all the time so that means that a photographer would have to maximize the small window of time that it is actually awake and have its eyes open. We came up with a few tips and tricks to help a photographer out when experimenting with newborn photography.

Fixed and Choreographed

There are several approaches to newborn baby photography. The most common one is the more fixed or choreographed one. This is the easy one to pull off. After all, it can be quite easy to just arrange the newborn to a certain pose and with certain kinds of props and they won’t cry or do anything like that because they really are asleep all the time. You need to be quiet as much as possible though and to minimize the usage of flash so as not to irritate the newborn and wake it up.


Another approach that you can try to photographing newborns is to just let them play and take candid photos of them. Sometimes, you may even include the parents in the picture, just to help them relax and smile a little more. It also never hurts to have a few toys and props along every now and then, just to keep the baby occupied. This is usually more workable when the baby is aged six weeks or more and ideally when they can sit up a little of lift their heads up, or opens their eyes out wide, if possible.

Prepare at all times

It also pays to always be prepared for battle. Well technically speaking, it really is required of all photographers, regardless of what kind of photography style a photographer may be practicing. A professional photographer will go through the motions of cleaning the gear and making sure it is kept pristine and maintained at all times. A good photographer also keeps a healthy stash of memory cards handy, as well as a good batch of extra batteries, flash, an extra camera or two and several lenses for different angle shots.

It is also good to note that sleeping time means it is the perfect time for a photographer to take his macro shots. Photos taken through a macro lens are great because there is something touching and personal with a close up of a newborn infant’s feet, hands, and any other parts of their body. It sort of leaves the parents with a remembrance of how little the baby used to be for when it grows up.

A few accessories to keep in tow would be a rubber kneeling pad or kneeling stool because most of the shots will be taken while the photographer is down on his knees. A good assortment of toys is also much advised, especially the dangling and squeaky ones.