Loving That Moment: Get a Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer to Capture It

Hertfordshire wedding photographerHow many of you use your phone to take pictures when you see things that you think is worth to keep? If that’s how it works with those, it should be even more so with your wedding! Have you found yourself a Hertfordshire wedding photographer?

It’s harder said than done. Because we’ll only hire them once and we’re most likely doing this for the first time, looking for a professional that truly understands our needs can be hard. That’s why, we want to help you in choosing and determining the right choice based on your preference and needs. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime chance!

Deciding on your budget

How much is left of your budget to choose a wedding photographer? The more you have, the easier you can choose. If budget is not of your concern, then you can skip this part. But if it’s not, continue on.

When you see a photographer that you really like but his packages seem to cost a little more than what you can afford, ask. Ask if there’s a method to earn a discount or if you can customize your own package. What really matters here is that you get the right guy to do the job, what comes after can be dealt with later.

This is the best way to do it if you still want to prioritize the quality of your wedding pictures.

Booking your wedding photographer

Every time you find a wedding photographer that you think is good, drop an email as soon as possible. Ask for the availability as you don’t want to lose your chance in getting a talented photographer. Some can be booked as far as 2 years ahead!

www.catherinepound.com is a Hertfordshire wedding photographer that I’d suggest for you to quickly drop a line on. She is one of the most professional photographers and can easily run out of slots!

This way, you can tell them that you are interested in their service. Afterwards, if they tell you that you are available, you can immediately arrange a consultation with them to see if they really fit your needs and wants.

Interview them

Make a list of questions that you want them to answer. It’s important that you make questions that is relevant to your wedding, not just something that you pluck out of the Internet. Don’t ask about photography skills; truth to be told, you don’t know much about it.

Ask more about the important matters such as if he’s insured or not or if he has a backup photographer in the case he can’t come. You should also ask things like if he can come to your rehearsal (if you will don one) because it’s something that can indicate if he’s willing to spend more time for you.

Read the fine print

Take your time to read the contract before signing anything on it. Once you’ve signed it, there’s no going back because you were signing it under your own consciousness without being forced. If there’s any clause that does not seem to be clear, ask about it.

Don’t worry about making things clear before making things official. You may even negotiate for a more beneficial term if you want with your Hertfordshire wedding photographer.

When Hiring A Photographer From Seattle

Wedding photography style

photographer from SeattleSettle on a kind of photography style that you would like to go with before you go looking for a photographer from Seattle that you can hire for the photography coverage of your wedding at some point or so. If you don’t know or determine what photography style you are interested in going after or in looking for in the first place, you might not get something that will truly satisfy you. you need to know what you are looking for in order for you to be able to tell if a professional photographer will turn out to be a good fit for you or not. Seattle is technically one of the most diverse scenes for wedding photography and this is something that you can go ahead and leverage the right way or take advantage of at some point or so as an up and coming bride or as a potential client at the end of the day. There are a few basic photography styles in wedding photography.

You can choose between portraiture or documentary or even traditional wedding photography.

Whatever you end up going with, just make sure that you are actually picking out a specialist or a true and seasoned professional in what he does. Make sure that it is also a photography style that will turn out to fit in well with what you are trying to pull off for the wedding or with what your personality will turn out to be. Try to make sure that you are able to consult your partner or your spouse about this as well. Although most of the wedding decisions are called on by the bride, it helps if you make the decision as a couple so try to ask what he wants to get out of the wedding photography coverage as well just to make sure that both of you are in line with the kind of photographer that you are looking for.


Do a little bit of research about how the wedding photography industry looks like, what the landscape is, and what the trends technically are in the Seattle area. The more you know about the industry and what the normal trends and standards will turn out to be, the better the deal will pan out at the end of the day and this is the type of thing that can really help you a lot especially when you get to the point wherein you are already negotiating service inclusions, pricing, time tables, and so on and so forth. Every little bit of info will tend to help you out a lot so make sure that you actually take it upon yourself to go ahead and educate yourself as much as you possibly can about the wedding photography industry in the Seattle area.


Set up interviews with the photographer from Seattle that you are thinking about hiring. Don’t ever book someone that you haven’t even met before in person. This can go through all of the wrong directions if you don’t do anything at some point or so and you need to really do something about this at the end of the day.